About the "Links for astrology forecasts" page

Astrology has been a hobby of mine for many years. I find that it is somewhat useful as a "weather forecast" for one's life, and it can provide insight into areas where growth may be needed. In terms of actually effecting change in one's life, though, I have found meditation to be a much more effective tool.

I first had access to the web while attending graduate school at Duke around 1994 which is when I first came across horoscopes on the 'net. At first, whenever I discovered a web site with horoscopes I used to add it to my personal bookmarks. Over time, the number of astrology and horoscope related bookmarks grew to the point where I decided that it would be useful to create a web page consisting of all the links. Having a web page for these links would allow me to access them from any computer that had access to the Internet. At the same time, it would also allow me to share the links with everyone else.

In early 2013, I lost access to my account at Duke and migrated the page to its current location at dropbox.

I try to update the page as often as time permits to ensure that all of the links included are functional. If you find a link that's stale that has changed, or that has become unreachable, please email me email me and so I can updated or delete the link in question. I would also appreciate knowing about any new links that you might find.

A special thanks to all who have sent in feedback about correcting stale links, suggestions for new sites, and notes of encouragement over the years.

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Last updated: Friday, September 19, 2014